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Kas Land For Sale
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€ 850,000

VILLA ZONED LAND for sale in Peninsula Kas seaside property resort. 100 m to the turkish medite ...
Alanya Hotel For Sale
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€ 1,600,000

THREE STAR HOTEL for sale in Center Alanya beach homes resort. 100 m to the turkish mediterrane ...
Antalya Hotel For Sale
Real Estate Turkey
€ 4,600,000

BEACH APART HOTEL for sale in Gursu Antalya beach holiday resort. 30 m to the turkish mediterra ...
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real estate glossary turkey


Glossary of Turkey Real Estate legal terms


Mortgage in Turkey


Tax Considerations


Glossary of Turkish legal terms


Legal Advice


Turkish Bank Account


Notary in Turkey


Currency Exchange

Abone - Connection for getting access to municipality electrical power and water.
Arazi kayit cikar - Extract record from land register.
- Plot of land.
Askiya alma durumu -
A condition under which a juridical consequence only occurs if certain other circumstances and assumptions occur prior to it.
Avukat -
Banka hesap -
Bank account
Banka belgesi
- Certificate from the bank that confirms the purchase price has been paid.
Belediye Vergileri - Municipal or local taxes.
Binalar vergisi - Local tax on new constructions.
Bono - Security payment or deposit.
Borc - Debt payment.
Cek karne - Cheque voucher.
Co-sahipleri -
Damga vergisi - Stamp duty.
Daire - Apartment.
Deger artis
- Tax levied on the increased in value of a property.
Emlak vergisi - Property tax.
Emlak Vergisi Emlak Piyasasi - Common ground tax. .
Emlak ve intikal vergisi - Death duty and inheritance tax.
Emlak -
Property or possession.
Faiz -
Interest rate for money.
Gayrimenkul sahibi -
Owner of property or possession.
Gercek deger -
Actual value.
Gruplandirma -
Combining parcels of land.
Gelismemis arsa -
Land protected from building.
Gelistirilebilir arazi -
Land that can be built on.
Halk acik sirket -
Public limited company.
Hakimt -
Judge in court.
Is proje yurutme -
A proposal for building, held until permission is granted.
Insaat kesin kabul -
Final acceptance of the construction.
Is bitirme belgesi -
Certificate from the Architect that confirms the construction work has been completed.
Kadastro degeri -
The official value of property, calculated by the town hall for tax purposes.
Kanun -
Law for justice.
Kanuni -
Kat karsiligi sozlesme -
A contract between a builder and the owner of a property.
Kayit sartlari -
Noted encumbrances on the property in the land register.
Kefil -
The right of one party to retain monies paid thus far in the event that one or more contractual obligations are not met by the other party.
Kentsel arazi -
Urban or built up land.
Kira- rent of property.

Kira sozlesmelerinin devri -
Payment for the transfer of rental or lease contracts normally for an established business.
Kira Sozlesmesi -
Rental contract.
KDV (Katma deger Vergisi)
- Value added tax.
Kentsel Kira Sozlesmeleri Yasasi - Urban rental law.
Kiracilar hukuku - Tenants law.
Kucuk is izni - Permission for small construction works.
Kismi plan - Partial development plan of a community or urbanization.
Koruma irtifak alani - Protected area up to 200 meters inland from the coast certain rules governing construction are in place.
Limited sirket - Company with limited liability.
Maksimum kat alani - The maximum construction area.
Mehkeme - Court
- Deposit.
Medeni Kanunu - Civil law.
Mimarlar odasi - Official body of architects.
Mulkiyet kaydi - Right of way/access rights.
Mulkiyet Kayiti -
Registered plot of land, either with or without buildings.
Mortgage -
Mortgage. Maksimum doluluk - The maximum permitted roof area of a property.
Mulkiyet kaydi -
Land registrar.
Noter -
Public notary office.
Opsiyon sozlesmesi -
A contractual option that may be exercised at a future date.
Oranlar -
Ozel kentlesme -
Private community or development.
Ofis kullanimi -
To use as an office.
Pafta - The number of a registered plot.
Planlama Delegasyonu -
Surveyor's office responsible for granting building permits.
Rehine -
Seizure or retention.
Rayic -
Assumed value of real estate as a base for the property tax.
Savci -
Prosecuter in court.
Sabit odenek -
Appropriation of a property over a certain period of time( fixed).
Sinirlarindan Ayirma -
Minimum distance between neighboring properties.
Sahil koruma alani -
The Government department that is responsible for the protection of the coastline.
Satin alma tasdikname -
A certificate of purchase issued by the notary.
- Note of conveyance. Protection of the purchaser for a certain period of time against further registrations.
Sakinler için vergi yukumlulugu - Unlimited tax obligation for residents.
Satin alma fiyati -
Purchase price.
Sanitasyon -
Liability for defects.
Sahip -
Taking possession.
- Plot of land, either with or without buildings.
Tescil kaydi - A document prepared by a notary when adding a property to the land register.
Tescil yazisi - Procedures for registration in the land register if the basic principle of the continuous registration was interrupted.
Topluluk mulkiyet - Community of owners in an urbanization.
Toprak Kanunu - Ground law.
Teknisiyen - Person who checks the installation of electrical points etc. and advises on architectural safety matters.
Transit Irtifak Hakki -
Separation of a part of the property.
Vadesiz hesap -
Non-interest bank account.
Vergi dairesi -
Tax office.
Vergi aktarin - Purchase tax on real estate, expressed as a percentage of the amount detailed in the tapu.
Vergi numarasi - Tax identification number for residents.
Vekil - Representative of a party at the court, besides the lawyer.
Vergi matrahina - Official value of property, calculated by the town hall and used to generate the rate of ground tax.
Villa - A villa or type of property.
Yeni insaat Beyani
- The declaration by a notary of the construction of new buildings.
Yuzey haklari - Land rights.
Yapi izni - Building permission.
Yuce divan - Supreme court
Yuksek mehkeme -
High court
Yurtdisi personel kimlik sayisi - Tax identification number for non-residents.
Yurt disi yerlesikler icin sinirli vergi yukumlulugu - Limited tax obligation for non-residents.
Zemin - Floor (ie. in an apartment building).

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